A vase for each plant!

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Just a sunny day, the thermometer that marks a few degrees more than usual, the twittering of birds and we feel like in spring. To say it all it’s not long, March 20 is near.

Finally houses, terraces and gardens will fill of color and scent of flowers: primroses, tulips, daisies, hyacinths, orchids and so on.

In spring the plants are certainly one of the most appreciated gifts, even better if combined with a beautiful vase. Not just a box, but a real piece of furniture, such as those that we propose this year. One different from the other to satisfy all tastes and fit into any room. Many styles, colors and shapes to enhance any type of plant and flower.

The countdown has begun, we hope that the weather is on our side.

🌸 Spring is coming! 🌸