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It is the most famous symbol in the world, the one that represents love and is associated with Valentine’s Day.

Today it’s everywhere, from playing cards to I ♥ New York t-shirts designed by Milton Glaser.

But do you know where this graphic sign comes from?

The most probable hypothesis is that the shape of the heart is inspired by a hieroglyph used to indicate the concept of heart, whose shape probably takes inspiration from the seed of the fruit Silfio, now extinct. This particular fruit was a precious resource in ancient Egypt and in Greece and, because of its rarity, it was very precious and its shape was imprinted as a decoration on coins.

Silfio Cuore

And the red color? Where does it come from?

Yes, the human heart is red. But the color used for this symbol does not derive from this similarity.

Indeed, red has a symbolic and cultural function: it communicates passion, power, joy, vitality and energy. It is the most stimulating and engaging color of the entire spectrum and is an exciting color because it stimulates the central nervous system, increasing heartbeat and pressure.
We have declined this famous symbol into different fantasies, colors and materials to celebrate love in our own way.

We hope you enjoy the new Valentine’s Day collection!

Here are some ideas to propose to your customers and to use to give free rein to your creativity: